The Communities of 

Uttarakhand Himalayas, are facing the wrath of

Mother Nature



Thousands of Houses have been swept away, and the communities do not have even a shelter to stay. 
In addition to this, there is no electricity, water, health, education infrastructure left now, the communities will face a very tough time in the months to come. 
The distress level has been so high, that as per some reports, many people have attempted to commit suicides, seeing their houses and rest of this earning, going down the water. 



We are hoping to provide with your support:
1. Immediate Relief to thousands who are stuck in the routes and villages, as timely help to these families is what is required. 
2. Education and health facilities, on a sustained basis for next few months. 
3. Temperory shelters, and repairing of houses in need. 
4. Livelihood options  so that the communities can make a living, after the disaster is over. 
Will it be possible to get support through your word, for any of the initiatives, for the communities. 
Donations for  Flood relief victims can be done at :
in the name of   "Umeed Society"
Union bank of India
A/C No: 602502010001656
IFSC CODE: 219181881
Branch: Ajabpur, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. 
Kindly mention the word "flood Relief" in your online transfers and cheques. Acknowledgment recipts and reports and updates will be shared with you on a regular basis. 


                                                     for more information :