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Aims and Objectives

  1. To deliver formal and non formal education by creating centers in or near slum areas anywhere in the Nation.
  2. To work for advancement of education especially in Arts, Science, Commerce, Vocational, Technology, Medicine and health care among under privileged and Minority communities.
  3. To establish Institutions to promote education among females of low social economic background.
  4. To provide guidance and financial help to needy educational institutes and philanthropic NGOS working especially for underprivileged minority communities
  5. To establish and administer institutions for fulfillment of above objectives under the right and duties as provided under Article 30 of Indian Constitution.
  6. To assist programs for the promotion of Urdu language.
  7. To create awareness for higher and professional education and opportunities for employment.
  8. To grant scholarships especially to needy and deserving students and trainees of professional courses.
  9. To extend monitory and food aid to poor, needy destitute, ailing and disabled persons, orphans, widows and people in challenges.
  10. To institute and give awards for the meritorious students in respect of academic excellence and skills in debate and dialogue.
  11. To arrange camps for awareness in health and hygiene and establish health centers for the purposes.
  12. To collaborate and coordinate with other groups, societies and trusts, factories, women’s group, urban slums, villages and socially committed organizations.
  13. To work in the field of Hygiene, preventive, curative and promotive, Palliatives Health and dental health care.
  14. To provide maternal and child health care including family planning.
  15. To make and execute programs in accordance with the policy formulated by the Central and State Government for well being of minorities in connection with the educational, cultural, social, political and economic matters.
  16. To mobilize and organize volunteers and workers for the fulfillment of above mentioned aims and objectives.
  17. To provide financial assistance in the form of scholarship to volunteers/workers subject to the availability of funds.
  18. To train workers of other NGOS working in similar areas so that our message of UMEED, a step towards literacy spreads around and become acceptable.
  19. To motivate persons from rich classes to join such efforts through demonstration of slide show, presentation, video films, lectures etc.
  20. To coordinate partly or wholly merge other organizations of the same interest.
  21. To raise and invest the funds by accepting donations, raising subscriptions from members of UMEED or friends of UMEED and to invest these with societies, firms, banks or companies for providing income to the UMEED on such terms and conditions as may be deemed proper for the fulfillment of the objects of the UMEED and to further its interests….