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There are millions of kids in India who will never see the face of a School. They  do menial jobs like rag picking, house hold jobs of mopping floors, cleaning toilets or looking after infants of affluent families.They live in huts.Their parents also pick reusable from garbage,small time labors or pull rickshaw.Many of males stay in huts, drink country liquor, while the mothers work in houses, bring leftover food to feed family. The girls at age of 8 are employed to wash clothes,dishes mop floors or look after infants on a meager salary of Rs 500/ plus take away leftover food. They are married at 12, bear a child at 13 and by 20 years age have 5 children are anemic,may have TB or other debilitating illness.These girls never attain youth,from childhood land into old looking age.

These kids are the biological products of married couples,don’t have any motivation in life. At the outset,it is very importantto mention,that they can’t be stopped from doing these jobs as it will affect their livelihood.Because they bring food for family.

Our aim is to motivate them to learn and make a good healthy living.We engage them,not whole day,for few hours in a day,so that they develop interest in education.Our teams infuse ,inculcate and market AARZU(ambitions) among these kids.They are asked to make efforts to come out of the quagmire they are in.We invite successful people like Senior teachers,Doctors,engineers,IAS,IPS and Ex Army Senior Officers to interact with them.

OUR Vision

  1. To rescue the underprivileged slum kids from the quagmire of illiteracy,backwardness and the catastrophic circumstances they live in.
  2. To motivate them to realize their potentials.
  3. To inculcate and market ambitions among these kids and motivate their parents for building the future of their children.
  4. To bring them to the main stream of the society.


Our aim is to introduce among these kids education, cleanliness, healthy living and good culture, so that they achieve high academic standards and develop good mental health.Our aim is to upgrade them so that they become good citizens and are able to positively contribute to the National progress.

With the help of our well-wishers and associates we provide resources to ensure that all students from our centers have access to School education.Besides this, adult Education is an integral part of our mission where the mothers of our students would be trained in computers (basics), sewing and food preservation and canning etc.



(United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon)

Our mission is to change the future of children living in slums in poverty through education.

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. Education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle.

Education can change everything. It is the driver which brings about reform, it reshapes, and redesigns a sustainable change in human lives. We can empower these communities through education.

Our mission is to provide quality education to children living in poverty through improved learning conditions, teacher training and development, and inclusive of partnerships with the affluent in our society and the government.

If all kids in low-income communities achieve basic reading skills, 200 million people in our Nation could be taken out from poverty.

Education is the new currency by which economic  prosperity can be achieved. Education is the most critical investments we can make. It is true for all societies in present era.


Our mission is empowerment of such kids, by instilling ambitions to become something, provide skills and confidence to be able to enter respectably in the main streams of society.

Expanding educational access for women is not just an essential economic and social necessity. In many cases, their survival depends upon it. A mother who can read can better raise her children, protect from diseases, and prevent child mortality.

In Africa’s poorest states, UNESCO projects that the lives of 1.8 million children could have been saved if their mothers had at least a secondary education.

In announcing his Global Education First initiative, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reminded us that, “We cannot afford to waste the talents of a generation.” He related this to his own experience growing up in the Republic of Korea as it recovered from war. “People today often ask about my country’s transformation from poverty to prosperity. Without hesitation, I answer that education was the key.”

Education is the basement of peace, ease, fortune and success. We can’t imagine a better world without providing good education for women and Children.

I urge upon all of us to revitalize all out efforts  to accelerate and enhance the  progress in providing access to education .

Dr Mohsin Raza

Senior Consultant General Surgeon