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UMEED EDUCATION & WELFARE FOUNDATION ” at Aligarh is,for the socially and financially challenged kids living in slums,the kids who will never witness a school in life time.

UMEED has opened several centers at Aligarh,where the children from that unfortunate section of our society ,who because of being so poor are deprived from education.

Small menial jobs or pickingup reusables of plastics or nylon from garbage is the only source of earning of these children,which prevents them from attending whole day Government schools.

I appreciate their efforts of training and teaching these children for 3 or more hours daily ,their progress is monitored , good kids are motivated & admitted to normal schools.

I have visited the UMEED centers,interacted with the kids,gave them awards.I noticed a great change in the attitudes and living patterns of such children.

I wish Dr. Raza & Umeed team  success in all future efforts of spreading the Mission of ” Show Them a school” “ to the deprived children of our society.

Jai Hind.