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Dr Saquib

I am associated from the beginning of the commencement of this education of slum kids. During our informal and formal conversations, whatever we talked, ended with the deprivation  of slum kids. Dr Mohsin Raza has been very sensitive about the child labour drawn from the slums. He has been critical for the educated folk employing little girls in homes to sweep floors, wash dishes and hold infants. He never employed any child at his home. He has been publishing pictures of small kids collecting reusables from the garbage which people throw in bags, either the dogs tear them or these kids open them and spill on the road sides. He has always complained of the insensitivity of our educated & elite society towards this section of our population. These slum kids are considered as condemned, this phenomenon has always pained us and we thought of opening school for them.

Our resources are so much limited to start a school. We admitted many kids in various schools, paid their expenses, but all of them dropped out. Reason is  that these kids are not prepared to stay in schools. Staying away In schools affect their livelihood. They earn 50 to 100 Rs a day from the plastics they collect.

We together with Dr Raza & Prof Anwar Masood, surveyed  impoverished areas, juggee complexes around the AMU campus  and were depressed to witness their state. They just pass their life without any aspiration in life or any plans. We pledged aid to these impoverished.

First center was established at residence of Dr Raza on 12th Aug 2016 and formally inaugurated on 15th aug 2016 by Dean of JNMC,Prof Mobashshir, Ex Dean and Principal, JNMC, Aligarh and Prof Shahid Ali Siddiqui, Chairman, Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology, JNMC, Aligarh.

 A very large juggee complex beside Iqra Senior School on Kwarsee byepass was discovered.

Instead of celebrating Sir Syed day ,participating in speeches  or dinners, we opened 2nd center in this complex inaugurated by Dr Feeroz Talat Ex Hony. Secretary, All India Muslim Social Uplift Society, Sultan Jahan Manzil, Aligarh.The center is sponsored by Dr. Ashraf Mateen, ZHCE, Aligarh. Over 40 kids were recruited.

This is how the UMEED EDUCATION & WELFARE FOUNDATION commenced and now as in August 2020 we have 14 centers at Aligarh,one in Lucknow with all  over 900 kids.

Many of centers are fully sponsored. I shall urge upon friends to open such centers in their towns, villages and mohallahs in the country. We will assist in the know how.

Warm regards

Dr Mohammad Saquib