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Pratap Singh IFS(rtd)

This is to certify that Dr. Mohsin Raza, Senior Consultant General Surgeon, known to me for last over three decades has been performing a very noble deed towards humankind by undertaking an educational project through ” UMEED EDUCATION & WELFARE FOUNDATION ” established by him in the city of Aligarh, UP. Umeed Education & Welfare Foundation (UEWF) has now emerged as a ray of hope for those unfortunate children who because of being born in slums and jhuggi- jhoparies had no scope of ever seeing a school in their life. Dr. Mohsin Raza, through UEWF,  has changed the lives of thousands of such children for whom an opportunity was created to uplift themselves by learning. I had the opportunity to visit a few centres being run by UEWF and found the school- attending kids blooming, both in terms of education and development of personality.

I wish Dr. Raza a great success in his all future ventures for taking UEWF to new heights by spreading his Mission and Motto of ” Show Them A School”

Pratap Singh


Ex ambassador & High Commissioner