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Friends, we are, by God’s grace, privileged and affluent, it is our duty and responsibility to reach out to these poor, needy, apathetic and unawares.

We urge upon you to pick up poor slum kids, open a center in your area on a vacant land, park, or in your own courtyard. Make it evening/morning 2-3 hrs classes. For opening a center, a lot of money and a building is not required. Only motivation and passion is needed. Ask us, we will guide you how to open and help in logistics.

Friends, if due to preoccupations, you are not able to do it, you can sponsor a center, we will tell you how to do it. It requires 3000-5000 rupees to run a center per month, with 50 kids plus a onetime cost of erecting a temporary tarpaulin sheet rooftop, over a makeshift structure of bamboos.

Feel free to contact us or visit our centers in various areas of Aligarh.

Mr Saad HameedVice-President9634366546
Dr Mohammad SaquibSecretary9634123800
Dr. Syed Mohsin RazaTreasurer & Founder of Umeed8126039175
Mr Shahab KhanJoint Secretary9628533999
Mr Anshuman KumarTrustee9358252651
Mr Chakit SatyaTrustee8923495558
Mrs Sumbul Raza KhanTrustee8299019840
Dr Mansoor RazaTrustee897992211
Mr Fahad AbdullahTrustee8630396774
Prof Tayyaba HussainTrustee8755599700
Dr Farzana HadiTrustee9897216211
Dr. Dilshad ShamsiTrustee9520418844
Dr. Shabih SiddiquiTrustee8779978388
Dr Firdaus RahmanTrustee7906702440
Dr Wamiq RahmanTrustee9455473470