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Our Vision

  1. To rescue the underprivileged slum kids from the quagmire of illiteracy,backwardness and the catastrophic circumstances they live in.
  2. To motivate them to realize their potentials.
  3. To inculcate and market ambitions among these kids and motivate their parents for building the future of their children.
  4. To bring them to the main stream of the society.


Our aim is to introduce among these kids education, cleanliness, healthy living and good culture, so that they achieve high academic standards and develop good mental health.Our aim is to upgrade them so that they become good citizens and are able to positively contribute to the National progress.

With the help of our well-wishers and associates we provide resources to ensure that all students from our centers have access to School education.Besides this, adult Education is an integral part of our mission where the mothers of our students would be trained in computers (basics), sewing and food preservation and canning etc.